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Assisted Recruitment

When you're looking for cloud-savvy staff it's hard to spot the real deal from the wannabees.


That's where assisted recruitment comes in!

We use our expertise and network together with an understanding of your needs and culture to find the right talent for your team.

This is a non-traditional recruitment service where you pay us for our time, not a fixed fee, nor a percentage of the employees' compensation.

Whilst we specialise in technical roles; CIO's, Developers, Data Scientists, Systems Administrators and so on, we can also assist with non-technical roles such as sales, finance and general management.

Full-service recruitment

Full-service recruitment is our preferred approach where we assume full responsibility for the entire process.

We can conduct the process under your brand or our own. 

What we do to ensure your hiring success is 

1. Develop a profile for the role 

2. Source both active and passive candidates

3. Screening and shortlisting

4. Select 2-3 applicants for client interviews

5. Advise on offer for the preferred candidate

6. Conduct role specific tests (and psychometric if you need this) and obtain references

7. Confirm an unconditional offer

You save both time and money in comparison to traditional recruitment, only needing to devote time to face to face interviews with candidates that you will find impressive. This service has been extremely popular and has resulted in excellent feedback from our clients and applicants.

We can discuss your needs and outline the typical cost savings for full-service recruitment to get things started.


Candidate testing and expert opinion

Sometimes clients don't want the time savings of full-service recruitment, or they have to use existing in-house or external recruiters.

However, hiring managers and HR may still not feel confident in making the best hiring decisions for specialist technical roles.

In this case, we offer a cut down service of screening and/or testing only.


Screening is typically an hour long conversation based on CV and your interview notes, to assess the credibility of your preferred candidate against the intent of the role.

Adding in testing we design a role specific test (technical, role play, scenario based etc) to validate the candidates' actual experience in their field.

This slimmed down service can be an effective risk mitigation step for positions where your in-house team is poorly qualified to validate candidates and uncertain of what capability to expect at a given level in the market.


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