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It's critical that your technology provides the necessary tools to execute your strategy.


If not, then technology is a cost and inhibitor rather than a value driver and enabler.

Looking at your technology through the eyes of a CIO we will provide the guidance you need for technology to become or remain a strategic asset of your business.

Technology stack audit

Most businesses are bloated with technology that's accumulated over the years.​ Your IT providers love it because it takes hours to maintain. Your staff loathe it because it burns hours in frustration.

We look at the whole stack from the top down from the people and processes that get the work done all the way through to the network that connects people to your systems and data.

Technology Stack.PNG

The end result of a technology stack audit is a fitness scorecard and a prioritised roadmap for the delivery of information technology that aligns with your strategic plan.

Virtual CIO

If you need a part-time or interim CIO's to add to the expertise of your executive team, a virtual CIO could meet your needs.  Not virtual in the sense that you never see them, only that they are there when you need them and not when you don't. This might be during the period of digital transformation, or as your representative in a vendor-led project like a CRM or ERP implementation.

Our virtual CIOs work best when they become a trusted extension of your team, or as one client likes to put it become "a friend of the firm".

Our Virtual CIO service is a pay-as-you-go service so you only pay for the expertise you need, as and when you need it.

Troubleshooting and interventions

Let's be honest, a lot of IT projects are more challenging than expected. 


If you're not great at giving clear and detailed requirements,  project management, vendor management, testing and assurance, communication and change then you can be proactive using a virtual CIO,  but since you're reading this, we're probably past that point.

Our troubleshooting and intervention services will start by taking stock of the situation and getting the extent of challenge on the table before collaborating with the stakeholders to form and then manage a corrective action plan.

We have a lot of experience in troubleshooting including stepping in to replace in-house staff or vendors, negotiating break terms, running QA and testing programs to expose defects, as well as getting projects back on track by refocusing original vendors.

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