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CIO on Demand

A CIO on Demand can give you just enough time when you need it to provide executive level thought leadeship and strategic direction, to manage progress, and to intervene in issues as an impartial facilitator.

Why do you need a CIO on Demand? 

A CIO on demand can help if you experience any of these types of feelings

  • Feeling uneducated about the technology decisions that you're being asked to make

  • Feeling like technology is holding your business back

  • Questioning if you're getting value for money from technology spend

  • Frustrated that systems don't work

  • Worried that you are losing your edge to more tech savvy competitors

  • Anxious about security, privacy and data breaches

  • Too big to 'wing it' with technology but too small to have a full time leader in place

  • Fearing or recovering from a data breach or ransom attack

..... or any other persistent anxiety towards technology 

4 common ways to get started with a CIO on Demand

We have found that there are 4 typical situations where a CIO on demand is called upon

1. To review the current Information Technology, Systems and Service against best practice

2. To identify general productivity issues or frustrations of staff and propose modern solutions

3. To redesign or re-engineer a business process to use modern systems

4. To intervene in some kind of technology disaster

Over the years, Cloud Fixers has developed specific and proven approaches to each of these scenarios to make it simple for you to get started with a CIO on demand, and rapid for us to deliver impact.

Your next move

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