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Your system moves at snail's pace

If access to the cloud is slow for you, there could be a number of causes that need to be fixed.

We can diagnose your cloud computing performance issues and provide solutions to speed up your access to cloud computing software.

The top causes of slow cloud computing environments

1. You have a slow network
Upload speed and download speed both matter to get high performance from your cloud computing environment. The quality of connection is also important to overall speed.

2. Your cloud server is under powered 
The optimum specification of a server in the cloud may be very different to the specification when that system ran from your own site. Many times servers are moved to the cloud without any consideration of how the cloud server specification needs to change.

3. Your desktop/laptop devices are under powered 
Software that runs in a browser can require a lot more memory to operate efficiently. The browser you use can have a big impact on the amount of memory required and how many browser windows you can open at the same time.

4. Your cloud system is far away  
The further data has to travel the slower your system will be so choosing locations closer to you is usually better. This type of delay is called latency and high latency leads to a poor cloud computing experience.

5. You have software interference
Some types of software interfere with others. For example your virus and malware protection software may be scanning all of your internet activity. Protection is necessary, so it may need configuration to tell your software which sites to trust.

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