Digital Disruption Solutions

Business everywhere is being disrupted by competitors who've found ways to use technology more effectively.

If you seek to be the disruptor and not the disrupted, you need a strategy to modernise the way that your business works.

This may include

1. Better use of data 
Using the data that you have or can acquire to make better business decisions that can help you to sell more, become a more efficient business with lower costs, or react more quickly to opportunities and problems.

2. Less manual work
Using automation to replace manual work with processes that work 24*7*365 at lower costs and infinite scale

3. New channels for sales and support
Introducing web, mobile and social channels to enable customer self-service, and to introduce digital equivalents of traditional services

4. Workforce productivity   
Mobility and productivity solutions for workers, using technology to help them to do their best work every day

5. Innovation 
Perhaps the most intimidating form of disruption is innovation, and specifically business model innovation. From innovation workshops to change management frameworks, to complete execution we have helped companies to succeed with innovation at a reduced level of risk.

Our disruption services pick up from wherever you currently are, be that reacting to catch up or setting the pace for your industry.

Disruption Kickstart

Book in for a half-day or full-day facilitated disruption review to explore strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that form the basis of your disruption approach.

Disruption Deep Dive

Take your best ideas to the next level by building an execution plan and assembling the skills you need to make change happen.  Discuss your vision, and we will provide a fixed price proposal to create an action plan to turn your ideas into reality.


Disruption Leadership

Not that good at managing change? From the bits and bytes of the technology to establishing new habits with the people, we are experts in managing all aspects of change.  If you want an organisation to lead you through disruption we are a safe set of hands to guide your decisions, manage actions, and shape your communications for successful change. Call us to discuss day rates for pay-as-you-go leadership support.

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