Integration and Automation

Where is the cloud?  We get asked that a lot!   Truth be told it could be anywhere, and nowhere.

When your data is out of sight, possibly in many different locations and formats, getting consistency and control can be a challenge. Integration and automation may be the answer.

1. Automation with Zapier
Zapier is a very powerful tool for simple automations.  Get your facebook lead into CRM, add a website order to your accounting system an so on. We use Zapier for 'zero code' automation that is quick to build and easy to maintain.

2. Automation with Microsoft Flow
If you have Office 365 you already have access to Microsoft Flow. Similar to Zapier, Microsoft Flow is great for quick automatons that perform a set of actions for a given event.  Approve a document, move a file from A to B and so on.  Flow can be extended by using code to perform much more complex automation.

3. Integration
The difference between automation and integration is that automation is usually for a transaction/event whereas integration is more holistic. Synchronise system A with system B.  Copy all of my data.  Keep my reports up to date whenever anything changes.  Integration typically requires some type of architecture and development.

Waste Workshop

Our waste workshop format has been very popular. We use our 'waste wheel' to brainstorm areas of waste in your business and then identify possible ways that waste can be eliminated or reduced.  There are 36 potential categories of waste that we review, to then home in on the top 4-6 for your business.   Waste Workshops are typically run for groups of 6-10 people over a half-day at your workplace.

Process review and automation

Following on from a waste workshop, or as directed if you already know, wasteful processes are analysed to find automation opportunities. This involves mapping the current process, and exploring how it can be adapted to remove waste.  This could be through automation, integration or complete redesign.  We can normally complete the review and redesign of a process in a small number of days.


Where you need integration and automation we will usually progress a design into a prototype. This gives you confidence that the new way to work meets the needs of the business before fully committing to the change and incurring the costs of a production-ready solution.  When the solution is ready to launch, we can hand it back for you to self-manage, or we can provide a managed service for pay-as-you-go fee. 


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