Cloud Value Review

Overpromised and under delivered!


That's how many organisations experience their shift to cloud technologies. You shouldn't feel stuck with a pup after your move to the cloud, so let's make sure you're getting maximum value.

1. Office 365/ G-Suite best practice 
Two of the most powerful cloud platforms for business productivity and yet many businesses only know how to use email and file documents. What a waste!  If you're only using these suites for basic needs (not automation, not collaboration, not organisation) you are leaving a lot of value on the table.

2. Over-specified infrastructure
Cloud scales instantly up and down.  If you've fixed in at a set level of capacity you're probably wasting money at night, over the weekend, during holidays.  With the cloud, when your people are sleeping your servers should be too.

3. Subscriptions you don't need
It's very easy to accumulate too many subscriptions for a service when staff numbers flex, premium subscriptions when basic will suffice, and subscriptions for services you don't need as auto-renew does its work. A subscription review will find your unnecessary spend and free up cash for the things you do need.

4. Fake cloud, total cloud and other misfit solutions
Too often we see companies believing they have bought a cloud solution when all they've bought is traditional servers kept somewhere else. They get no advantage of elasticity, perpetually updated software, and high service levels and security.  Conversely, we see others who've moved lock stock and barrel to the cloud and it's costing a fortune compared with owned infrastructure. Knowing that you've struck the right balance is critical for value.

5. Lock-in

Managed Service Providers (MSP's) don't really like the cloud. Why? Because it gives you freedom of choice for support, and even the opportunity to do some support in-house. It removes 'upgrade' revenues. It provides visibility and transparency to you. Some accept they have to work harder for your $$$'s, others lock you in with restrictive commercial handcuffs. If you're locked in, we help you to escape.

Cloud Value Review

Book in for a no risk cloud value review. We will look at costs, your workforce projections and work patterns and the software and services that you use. If we can't save you money (including our review fees) in a 5-year total cost of ownership calculation, our review is free.

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